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Needless to say, a listing on the Web site in no way constitutes an endorsement of that organization or entity by the White Oak Foundation. In fact, there are a number of organizations listed herein that we would not endorse at all! But they're here as a resource to those searching in Illinois as well as those considering adoption who have unintentionally stumbled onto this site.

The White Oak Foundation is a 501c3 Illinois not-for-profit corporation. Currently, White Oak's Board of Directors is comprised of two adoptees and a reunited birth mother, and our Executive Director is the daughter of an adoptee as well as the  biological mother of one.
A complete listing of White Oak's Board of Directors and Officers appears below.

We hope this website will prove to be a
useful resource for all triad members who are
navigating the search and reunion
in the Land of Lincoln.

If you have any questions about the White Oak website and the services we provide to the Illinois adoption community or are in need of search assistance, please e-mail or call us.


White Oak's
Board of Directors
& Officers

Brook Horwitz

Kathy Purcell

Melinda Dunker


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