Virginians for
Adoption Reform
and Education





There is no truth existing which I fear or that I wish unknown to the world."   Thomas Jefferson

Virginians for Adoption Reform and Education (V.A.R.E.) is committed to changing Virginia adoption laws and policy to ensure that those adopted have access to what all other Americans citizens have: the true facts of their birth. We promote access to original birth certificates for adopted adults and educate policy makers and the public about the importance of having information about medical, family and social history.

We aim for adoption law and practice to be
open, honest and grant human dignity to all whose lives are touched by adoption.

V.A.R.E. members are adopted adults, adoptive parents, birth parents, adoption professionals and other citizens who share these goals.

V.A.R.E. is laying the groundwork to introduce legislation that would provide all Virginia-born adoptees with
unrestricted access to their original birth certificates.

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