When most people think of adoption, they think of cute, cuddly babies. But adoption isn't just about babies. Adoption is a life-long process. And sealed records laws impact the lives of millions of adults throughout the world.

The majority of adult adopted persons have little or no information about their family background and ethnic heritage...and nearly all have legitimate concerns about the medical time bombs that may be locked up in their genetic code. Likewise, many birth mothers and birth fathers never forgot the children they were unable to parent...and most have important medical information to relay to their now-grown sons and daughters.

For all triad members, the decision to search is often preceded by months, sometimes years, of serious soul-searching... But once you've actually made up your mind to resolve the mysteries of your birth...or to reconnect with the child you placed for adoption, what's the next step?

For the newly searching, this web site includes a wealth of resources and practical advice as well as special sections on Searching and Reconnecting that should help expedite and facilitate your journey. There's also an FAQ that covers a wide range of search and reunion issues...

In addition, adult adoptees who have a first and/or last name from their original birth 
certificate or their final decree (see our
Searching section for additional searching tips) and an approximate date of birth for one or more birth relatives...and birth relatives with the exact date and place of birth for an adult adopted person... may qualify for White Oak's low-cost Search Assistance Program. The all-inclusive fee for the program covers all out-of-pocket expenses (primarily database access charges) incurred during the search. Please call or e-mail us for additional details on this unique program...

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