Since 1998, Melisha Mitchell, Executive Director of the White Oak Foundation, has been keeping statistical records on all searches for which she has provided assistance to either the searching party and/or the birth relative whom they found. The preliminary results of this ongoing research project are detailed in our "Research" section.

If you would like to participate in this very important research project, please print out the questionnaire (see link below) and complete it to the best of your ability. Then fax the completed questionnaire to the White Oak Foundation at 312-666-5722 or mail it to us at P.O. Box 147142, Chicago, IL 60614-7142.  Participation in this research project is anonymous, but each respondent is required to provide an e-mail address or phone number where they may be contacted for additional information.

If you have any questions about the White Oak Research Project, please call our Executive Director, Melisha Mitchell, at 312-666-5721 for additional details.

Please click here to access a copy of the White Oak Search & Reunion Questionnaire.