Although our "research laboratory" of choice is an old musty library...and yellowed law journals and temperamental microfiche readers serve as our microscopes, researching the past and present of adoption--and finding innovative ways to educate the general public on the realities of adoption yesterday and today--are among White Oak's top priorities.

This part of our Web site is divided into three sections. The first section, "Research," presents the preliminary results of an ongoing statistical research project that has been examing Illinois adoptions, birth searches and reunions since 1998.

The second section, "White Oak in the Media," includes reprints of news articles written about searches in which the White Oak Foundation played a pivotal role and adoption-related stories for which we were interviewed as well as several articles and editorials signed by our Executive Director.

The final section, "Read All About It," includes a list of recommended books for those embarking on a search or grappling with any of the many issues surrounding sealed records and search and reunion. All books are listed both alphabetically by author and by title.

If you are a currently-searching Illinois* triad member or have been reunited with a biological family member within the last five years, please click here to learn more about White Oak's ongoing Search & Reunion study.  Participating in this all-important research project takes less than five minutes...and can help us immensely in our effort to educate the general public on adoption- related issues. Thanks in advance for your help!


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